Swimming Pool Farnham

Pool Heat

At MJR we look after several swimming pools, from the chemicals to making sure the boilers are up and running to reduce down time. With several of our sites we have spares ready and waiting for when the time comes to a part needing replacing on that system. we look after swimming pools in multiple locations.


The amount of problems you can get from a swimming pool is almost endless but we have the experience to know when a part will need replacing. from a fan in the boiler to a heat exchanger for the pool. even a lose tile you need to make sure that location is safe, up and running. Just remember DOWN TIME COSTS MONEY.

Services we offer
  • Swimming pool build
  • Replace parts
  • Swimming pool plumbing
  • Swimming Pool maintenance
  • Replace materials
  • Swimming pool Leak
  • Swimming pool management
  • Swimming pool heating